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Bali Hotels Are Getting More Exclusive Now

Bali started its image as a tropical dream destination around 1964 with Kuta Beach, the hotspot for surfers back then.

After the surfers the backpackers arrived, staying in basic accommodations like homestays and simple bungalows. Then the first hotels were built in the 2 star and 3 stars category, until the Grand Bali Beach was initiated and built as a 5 star resort at Sanur Beach according to the ideas of Indonesia’s first president Sukarno. These days not the latest in hotel development, but still very popular and easy to book at websites like that provide instant booking confirmations.

Around the year 2000 a new visitor boom made Bali the number one beach detination in south east Asia with a strong demand from the Australian market and basically every traveler nationality from around the globe. Every major hotel brand is now in Bali, many times in even more than one location.

At the same time villa developments really took off, because the demand for private villas went up dramatically. Many visitors prefer private settings while they relax by their own pool. These preferences can however also be combined with the stellar services of a 5-star hotel or Bali style boutique hotel, then what you get is basically the best of two worlds; seclusion plus top service, including chefs coming over to your place and grilling something a la chef, and a butler serves it all up hot and spicey.

Latest developments include new beaches in the south like Dreamland Beach, Bingin Beach, Padang-Padang and Uluwatu, where not only the worlds best surfers hang out, also celebrities, artists and all people that want to experience the original Bali in style. Every type of Bali hotel can be found there, with a slightly bigger preference on high end resorts as seen at Bali specialists like

Popular for weddings, family reunions, corporate 500 company gatherings as well as international promotions like new product launches that attract the media of the world to come down to the ‘Bukit’ or Uluwatu area. Before the Bukit became the “new secret destination” within Bali, everyone that liked the ‘hip crowd’ centers like Seminyak Beach was happy with that for many years. These days the traffic problem north of Kuta Beach is a challenge that makes you think if you came to Bali to get stuck in traffic every day or to have a true vacation.

That’s another reason to prefer the Uluwatu area: Unspoiled with low traffic volumes – but high class original Bali style in deluxe rooms and the very top end accomodations. Now the restaurants followed, and you can get any type of food along the Pecatu area that connects Jimbaran Beach with Padang-Padang and further down to Uluwatu. Top ocean cliff resorts are located all around this southern tip of Bali, all build in splendid and undisputed prime luxury.

Bali style was always different by mixing natural Bali styles with the latest and best the West has to offer. What is still leading the travel market as everyone expects the latest big screens inside a hotel room with satelite programs, but only Bali has this all with open living areas and lots of wood, bamboo and other natural materials to make it so distinct and different than any other hotel rooms in big cities. If there is a private pool included, even better! Enjoy tropical Bali in style.