Why You Should Avoid Those Counterfeit Sunglasses on Holiday

Take a trip to any popular holiday destination, particularly those with plenty of sun, and chances are it won’t take you too long to find someone selling counterfeit sunglasses.

It’s easy to understand the appeal, with these sellers often offering top designer brands for a fraction of the price, meaning holidaymakers can kit themselves out in the latest Gucci or Chanel sunglasses without having to spend huge sums of money.

However, these sunglasses are often extremely dangerous, particularly when you’re in a place with bright sunshine (i.e. somewhere you actually need them). Part of the reason designer sunglasses are so expensive is because they’re rigorously tested and use the highest quality materials, meaning they’re usually shatterproof, polarized and always offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Counterfeit sunglasses however don’t go through any such testing procedures, meaning in many cases they offer no protection from the sun whatsoever, which can put your eyes and your vision at serious risk.

eyesIn fact, according to recent research, wearing fake sunglasses could even be more dangerous than wearing no sunglasses at all. If you wear dark glasses and your pupils dilate your actually letting more UV to the back of the eye, so if those lenses have little or no UV protection, you’d actually be better advised not to wear them at all.

So next time you’re on the beach and you’re tempted by that seller offering you a pair of Ray Ban or Tom Ford shades for tiny prices, think about how that purchase could be putting your – or your children’s – eyes at risk, and treat yourself to the real thing instead.