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Are You Planning A Trip To Sri Lanka? Then Here Are The Best Items To Find

Are you planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Then here are the best items to find in Sri Lankas, and some places you want to visit for your shopping needs from

Shopping is one of the biggest activities on a travel itinerary, whether it is a small souvenir to take back to your friends and family or some clothing items for yourself. Sri Lanka has a great selection on shopping streets, unique store, and items you will not find anywhere else.

Buy an art piece for your home, at a reasonable price

Sri Lanka has made a name for itself when it comes to art, many tourists choose to visit one of the artisanal houses of the town to buy pieces of craft made in different materials. If you are looking to decorate your home, or bring back a gift, you will surely find something at Sri Lanka. If you are looking for the best place to buy art pieces, then you should visit Laksala, a store which has various locations around the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. If you are looking for a good bargain than catch one of the street sellers at the West Coast, although it might not seem a good price, they are ready to bargain.

Buy a unique mask made by local craftsman

Locals at Sri Lanka make a number of unique masks that symbolize various things, head down to one of the workshops and get a mask that represents what you want. The best place to visit a workshop is Sri Lanka would be the town of Ambalangoda, located in the center of Sri Lanka. And if you want to just admire these masks then you can visit the Ariyapala and Sons Mask Museum.

mask made by local craftsman

Buy a Batik fabric, specialty of Sri Lanka

One of the biggest incomes for females in Sri Lanka, comes from the production and sale of the Batik fabric, these factories firstly came to Sri Lanka from the Dutch, and now. they have on of the best fabrics of batik. These you can buy at any of the workshops in Ambalangoda, a very notorious one can be found at, 53 Elpitiya road.

Buy a Sri Lankan lace, made by local women

The art of lacemaking originates sin Portugal, but for many years, the people of Sri Lanka have been making the best lace. Most of the lace makers being female, you can buy lace at mostly any city in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for the absolute best you can visit the Dickwella Lace Centre, place where many women work in cooperation to make the best lace in town. But you don’t have to go specifically to a lacecentre you can also find them at store along the coast.

Buy metalwork from the city of Kandy

In Sri Lanka you can find incredible metal work, from lamps, to cutlery or even painted metal pieces. You can find the most amazing pieces of metal work, you fill for sure find something to fits your taste, they work as well with platters to create original platters. Additionally you can also order of set of the same pattern to display at home, or use for a special occasion. The best metal work in Sri Lanka can be found in the city of Matale, not far from the city of Kandy.

metalwork from the city of Kandy

Buy an incredible gem. But beware of scams.

Last but not least, in Sri Lanka you will find gems that you can purchase. These ancient rocks found in the island are made in to beautiful pieces displayed for customers to find the perfect gem. Whether you are looking for ruby cuts, sapphire or a diamond, there are gems for every liking at the jewelry shops on Sri Lanka. They are very well made and will make a perfect gift, or a great piece to add to your jewelry collection. All of these gems can be found at the Sri Lanka Gems and Jewellery association.

Get ready to shop, because Sri Lanka has a lot to offer, take a souvenir, a gift or any item you would like for an accessible price that fits your pocket. Happy visit and shopping!