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Hello, my name is Adler Moris. I work as a web strategy consultant and specialize in SEO. I am also a food lover, coffee enthusiast, and above all, a passionate individual.

How Do I Make the Money to Travel Full-Time?

I’ve been making my entire income online since 2010. Over time, my earning methods have changed significantly. Today my income comes from several areas.

On the blog, I make money through the following methods:

1) Affiliate marketing. I link to products I recommend and earn a commission if people buy them, at no extra cost to you.

2) Campaigns. Campaigns are organized paid initiatives for brands, both travel and non-travel, that may include anything from sponsored travel to site advertising, social media promotion, public appearances at events, and more. Any campaign post is disclosed as being sponsored.

3) Branded content. Branded content posts are paid posts that promote a certain product. All branded content posts are disclosed at the top. I only choose products that I think will interest my readers, mostly travel contests, and limit them to two per month, max.

4) Products. I’m now running tours and I’m currently developing new products for release later this year.

5) Freelance writing and consulting. I rarely freelance in either area anymore, but in the past I’ve done freelance writing for publications including The Boston Globe and was once the Asia travel writer for Answers.com. These days, most of my consulting is limited to advising on apps and startups within the travel industry.

6) Public speaking. I speak at a variety of events on travel, blogging, and women’s empowerment.

Know this: making a full-time living as a travel blogger is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do. This is in no way passive income — it requires an immense amount of time, work, and networking.

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