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5 Cost-Effective Ways to a More Creative Party Venue Setup

Many people think that creating a party venue setup always needs a big budget. However, if you have the eye for detail and innovation, it would be easier for you to cut down on the costs for decorations and styling for your upcoming event. There are actually a lot of ways in which you can be creative in setting up your venue without having to spend too much, and these can help a lot in utilizing the budget you have for the event you are working on.

If you are looking for easy and cost-efficient ways to a more creative party venue setup, then here are 5 tips to check out:

Use the venue itself as a backdrop.

If you are doing the event in an open area, such as a garden or in front of a scenic view, then you can let go of the fancy decorations and opt for a minimalist motif instead. This is to give an emphasis on the surrounding backdrop, and your guests will not feel cramped while in the event.

You can also do the same even if you are doing the event in an indoor venue, especially when the location offers a good view of the cityscape. You may opt to open the windows so that your guests can see the beauty of the great outdoors while inside the function room, and this will serve as the main attraction in your event.

Go social when sending invites.

5-Cost-Effective-Ways-to-a-More-Creative-Party-Venue-Setup1Indeed, nothing beats actual paper invites when calling out the target guests to your event, but it would also be great (not to mention cost-effective) when you reach out to them via social media. Prior to sending out RSVPs, you can already invite them on Facebook by creating an event page, and follow up with them using this until the day of the occasion. This not only increases your assurance of guest arrivals, but also gives your audiences a feeling that they are important since you reach out to them in a more personal manner.

Use local flowers.

If your event requires you to use flowers, then it would be better if you opt for local flowers. Local blooms are much cheaper compared to imported flowers, and they last longer as well. You may also go for in-season flowers (even if they are imported abroad) as they too are more affordable and can be reused in another event, in case you have another coming up the next day.

There are some venue rentals in Singapore that include flowers in their packages; you may inquire about these to further pull down the decorating costs for your event.

Follow a minimalist theme.

A monochromatic motif helps a lot in creating a uniform ambiance to your event, and at the same time it pulls down the costs of your decorations. This is because you don’t have to spend extra for several colours of decorations; it would also be easier for you to arrange the decors as they come in a specific shade, and accessorize only using flowers and other embellishments already present in the venue.

Find sponsors.

If you are working on a corporate or non-profit event, then you may as well reach out to certain brands that can sponsor some of your needs. One may sponsor a photo booth installation, while another may provide drinks for the guests. Sponsors help in cutting down the costs of your event, plus they also boost the popularity of the occasion that you have set up.

Do not that there are certain brand vendors that have partnerships with the venue establishments. You may want to inquire with the venue rental in Singapore wherein you plan to hold your occasion so they won’t go in conflict with your prospective sponsors.