Selfie Tips for Travellers
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4 Selfie Tips for Travellers

Whether you use an iPhone on a selfie stick, a Polaroid camera or a professional DSLR, taking photographs is almost an absolute must when you’re overseas. What better way to enshrine those precious memories you share with your friends and family? Or capture those picturesque landscapes you would never find back home in Singapore?

Here are four useful tips to help you travellers take the perfect picture the next time you’re overseas:

1. Selfie Sticks Have Lots of Uses

Don’t underestimate the utility of the selfie stick. Sure, it can be bulky and a little troublesome to bring around, but its many uses make it well worth the effort.

Going Solo

This is an absolute must for solo travellers. With a selfie stick, there’s no need to risk losing your iPhone by passing it to an absolute stranger. More importantly, by controlling the camera yourself, you can make sure that the photos you have are of the highest quality possible.

Travelling in groups

Those travelling in groups with their friends and family would probably benefit from having a selfie stick or two. Ever tried taking a group selfie without blocking the background? With an extendable selfie stick, you’d be able to comfortably capture both the background and your group in one photo – no editing needed!

Travelling in groups

Capture food selfies

When travelling overseas, taking pictures of exotic foreign cuisine is almost an obligation. Usually, food photos only show the food. With a selfie stick, you are able to capture a selfie of the food and yourself by extending the selfie stick above you for a better perspective.

An iPhone selfie stick is much more versatile than its name suggests. With a little bit of tweaking, you can mount your GoPro or even a camera on the stick. Safe. Simple. Easy to use.

2. Use Your Phone’s Camera

Most smartphone cameras can shoot relatively high-quality photos with today’s latest technology. The iPhone 7 Plus, for example, has a 12-megapixel primary camera which can take a photo so clear, that an untrained eye would struggle to tell if it was taken using a professional DSLR.

Since your phone is almost always with you, using it to document your trip through photos and videos would save space in your bag, leaving room for additional accessories like your fisheye lens or selfie stick.

Use Your Phone’s Camera

Having your photos in your phone would also make it much easier to share it with your friends and loved ones, with just the tap of a button. Since you can mount your phone on an accessory like a selfie stick, this makes it far more flexible and versatile than a DSLR.

3. Take Multiple Photos

This doesn’t just apply if you’re asking someone else to take a photo for you. Especially if it’s a group photo, take a few pictures just in case someone blinks or the result appears blurry. Do the same when photographing scenery, to avoid the risk of having an unsaturated or blur picture.

Another useful tip would be to take photos of the same object or scenery from a few different angles, so you have a wider choice of photo options when choosing what to share with friends on Instagram or Facebook.

Multiple Photos

One way to make taking photos from multiple angles easier is to use a selfie stick. This way, you can vary both the angle of the photo and the distance of the camera from your face. Using a selfie stick also allows you to reach less accessible areas, for example, by positioning the camera on the edge of a cliff.

4. Learn How to Edit Photos

Even if you can’t use Photoshop, learn some basic editing skills so that you can use apps like VSCO to improve the quality of your photos. The last thing you should do is carelessly apply a filter to your photos before posting them.

Before you go on your trip, take some time to study some useful techniques and master a few skills – such as varying the brightness, exposure and saturation after taking the photo. This would come in handy when it is difficult to adjust the camera settings when initially taking the photo, such as when using a selfie stick.