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3 Things You Should Know Prior to Taking a Road Trip

Some people love traveling by airplane, while plenty of others dream of long, relaxing trips cross-country trips by train.

As for you, the mere thought of going on a road trip makes you giddy with anticipation. You love to drive and are looking forward to your upcoming road trip in a couple of weeks.

Think you’ve got it all figured out? While that may be the case, keep the following tips in mind to ensure everything goes smoothly on your upcoming road trip.

Road Trip

1. Make Sure Your Tires are Dependable

Planning to drive a new route, one that takes you off the beaten path onto some rough and rugged roads? Then it’s imperative you check ahead of time whether your ride needs a set of new tires. While all-terrain tires are made for drivers who spend up to half of their time driving off-road, if your off-road adventure demands better traction, you should definitely make the switch.

Car Tyre

In general, all-season tires are quieter and will usually get you better mileage. Thus, if possible, you might want to keep these on your vehicle. Additionally, study the route you plan to take, ask friends who have driven it before and/or read road trip reviews, and if it seems like the highway will be especially muddy and rough, it would be wise to invest in all-terrain tires.

2. Check Over Your Road Trip Supply List

Think you already have a box of road trip essentials ready to go? Then you may want to think again. Perhaps your spouse “borrowed” the flashlight from your car and forgot to return it, or maybe your first-aid kit is filled with medications and supplies that are at least a decade old.

Supply List

If you think that could be the case, spend a few minutes going through your host of road trip supplies and make sure you have your car’s manual, a stocked first-aid kit and a flashlight. Oh, and don’t forget those batteries. Experts also suggest taking good, old-fashioned paper maps of your planned route, as you may not get cell service out in the boon toolies. Don’t forget plenty of water, blankets and a good pile of coins to pay for any tolls, parking meters and day fees at national parks.

3. Schedule Any Necessary Vehicle Maintenance

If you took your car in for a tune-up last month, then it should be ready to head out on the open road without a hitch. But if life has been particularly busy lately — and you’re not sure when you last visited the mechanic — make it a point to schedule an oil change, engine check and tire rotation. You could also choose to conquer these maintenance tasks solo.

Vehicle Maintenance

For example, Popular Mechanics suggests checking your oil level, as well as your radiator, brake, power steering, transmission and windshield fluids. If any appear to be low, then definitely top them off prior to leaving; after all, you want a smooth road trip experience. With that in mind, check your headlights, cabin air filter, brake lights and turn signals beforehand.

Have a Fun and Safe Time

See? We think this is fairly easy to follow and put into action. If you follow these and other road trip tips, you’ll be more than ready to hit the open road and drive for hours. And, you will ensure your vehicle is also road-ready. Enjoy your time on your road trip, as well as the peace of mind that your vehicle is well-equipped and prepared for the journey.